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LSF Floor Systems

Premier Panel Solutions is proud to offer a number of versatile flooring systems that are designed to meet a particular requirement in the construction industry.  All of our flooring systems have a proven track record along with all required fire and acoustic code requirements. 

Our floor systems also offer fire ratings ranging from one to two hours depending on the building requirement.

Composite Flooring System

  • 60% Less Rebar vs. Conventional 9" Slab
  • Simple, one-way bar reinforcement in each trough
  • Efficient use of steel and concrete allows for Long Span and slim floors
  • Long, Clear Spans (32') allows for open concept designs
  • Shallow overall slab depth (10.5) = low floor-to-floor height
  • Maximize usable interior height
  • Provide a superior fast track solution to the construction industry
  • Allows maximum architectural design freedom
  • Easy to install using only 7 components
Standard Floor Joist System

  • Standard structural studs and tracks are used for floor and ceiling joists. 
  • Load-bearing members start at a thickness of 33mils (20ga) and can be as thick as 97mils (12ga).
  • Lightweight, cold-formed galvanized steel load-bearing studs are available in a selection of sizes, flanges, gauges and yield strengths to obtain optimal performance. 
  • Structural stud and track selection is based on the loads they will be required to carry as well as the floor thicknesses specified in the building design. 
Specialized Floor Joist System

  • Precision roll formed flanges & stamped rim of each opening provides greater stiffness.
  • Open web design provides the rigidity of conventional ‘C’ stud made of thicker steel.
  • Stamped openings make it easy to route all services.
  • Higher strength-to-mass ratio than conventional studs & joists.
  • Flexibility of sizes & configurations.
  • Custom lengths, knockout alignments, & solid web ends are manufactured to specification.
  • Reduced Sound Transmission.