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Truss Systems
ACE's Truss systems are specifically designed to meet your particular truss requirements.  Whether you require a truss system for LSF construction of floors and roofs or a system for wood we are able to meet your most demanding requirements.  Please see below for some of our common details on Truss Systems
  • Truss systems are specifically designed for either LSF/LGS or wood building systems.
  • LSF/LGS truss systems are manual units with a maximum capacity of 14' x 60' (4.3m x 18.3m)
  • Wood truss systems are semi automated building systems and come equipped with a bridge fastening system
  • All units come equipped with quick positioning markers for quick jig set up
  • All units are equipped with pop-up rollers for easy removal of truss
  • All units are powder coat finished
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