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Framing Tables & Systems
Automated Construction Equipment offers a variety of framing systems that have been developed to meet your most demanding needs.

We currently offer panelization framing systems for the following...

  •  Light Steel Framing (LSF)
  •  Wood Framing (timber)
  •  Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)
  •  LSF-Precast Thincrete(LSFPC)

ACE also offers a number of alternative portable Framing systems with our EasiFramer towable framing table package as well as our new Mobile Factory System.

Our Mobile Factory System has been developed to offer you all the benefits of a fixed factory location with the versatility to allow the factory to be picked up and moved from site to where required.  This system is fitted out to allow the operator to start with a basic package system all the way to a completely kitted out system

To find out more information about our various Framing Systems please click on one of the icons below to find out more.

Light Steel Framing Systems
Framing Table in Aruba
Mobile Factory
Mobile Factory
Mobile EasiFramer
Wood Framing Systems